Stories by Harshi

Vienna Waits For You

It was another grateful day. I climbed up the stairs at about 11 in the night to see the stars and the moon. And all I wanted to do was lie down at the floor of the terrace and watch the stars sparkle and the moon glow. So I opened up the gates of the […]

Dream and Destiny

As I finished reading the Alchemist, I lay on the bed with a blanket all cozied up. The raining season can do that you. Such weathers and books can make you believe in love. And so did this book. It might just become one of my favourite books of all time, rest being Harry Potter […]

For a Little While

There are so many fights going on|So many arguments|And so many wars We are getting civilized|So are our war tactics|But we are|Failing at love Can we just stop for a while?|Can we just think of another for a while?|Can we be calm for a while?|Can we stop this war for a while? Oh everyone!|Listen to […]


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Hi there. I’m Harshita. I love writing. These are few of the pieces that I have writtern. I write with the hope that I will be able to touch people’s heart. I write with the hope that I will be able to make them think deep. I write with the hope that I will be able to bring about the change in the world. one step at a time. Hope you like it. Hope you get something about of it.:)

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