Stories by Harshi

Perfect moments

I try to findHimEverywhere And every timeI try to move onI see himWith my eyes openAnd closed The first time we metTo first we went outEach momentIt just makes me feelHow moments are perfect And even thoI don’t believe in loveNor that I could ever loveI feelI love him

We are ocean

What is the ocean? Calm or wild Who is me? Ocean or StormAdventure or MountainYou or me Like the wavesI have wildness in meLike the oceanI have calmness in me Like the forestI have a wild animalLike the forestI am home Like the mountainI am groundedLike the mountainI am adventure I am dayAnd I’m the […]

When did I?

Was it the day we metOur eyes metAs you held the door for me Or was it the day I gave you flowersAnd you said you kept it Was it the day when you held my handsOr the day you smiled with meOr the day you posted our pic Was it the day we foughtOr […]

what have I lost?

Adulting is realising that not all promises are kept, not all wishes are granted, not all stories have a happy ending and that it’s okay to be hurt. What’s important is to embrace it and keep looking forward.


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Hi there. I’m Harshita. I love writing. These are few of the pieces that I have writtern. I write with the hope that I will be able to touch people’s heart. I write with the hope that I will be able to make them think deep. I write with the hope that I will be able to bring about the change in the world. one step at a time. Hope you like it. Hope you get something about of it.:)

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